We believe in meaningful action. “We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” The earth, the soil and the grapes are gifts we need to nurture, love, respect, and eventually leave healthy and thriving for the next generation.

LOHAS – is an honest wine that takes a humble approach toward nature, working only with what the earth generously provides. Lohas Viñedos is made from organic grapes, with minimal intervention and focus on purity. Our process respects nature’s cycles, weather, and soil.

A few actions we take beyond the organic farming of the grapes.

  • We bottle the wine in light weight bottles (less than 400 gr.) to reduce CO2 emissions
  • We only use locally produced, FSC certified cork
  • We only use locally produced, unbleached, FSC certified paper
  • We believe in transparency, therefore we have included a full  “table of contents” of the label of Lohas. Why should we not know and care about what we drink?
  • We only use certified, self adhesive labels
  • We don’t use capsules or other unnecessary materials on our bottles
  • We compensate for what emissions in Spain that we can’t eliminate
  • We force our logistics partners to use the best transport solutions as possible and to compensate
  • We force our import partners world wide to use the best transport solutions as possible and to compensate for every Lohas bottle to reach the consumers kitchen, not only to the retail shelf
  • We live Lohas

We really try to make the best decisions possible, but we can’t eliminate our emission trace totally, therefore, we compensate for what we at this stage can’t control.

This is an organic wine where the greenhouse emissions from the production and transport of this wine will be offset through REDD+ projects in India, Khasi hills by a Plan Vivo-certified project to preserve the rain forest.

A wine created to enjoy while doing minimal harm. Make sure that the legacy you leave behind is the best possible.