A lover of nature, animals and the farm, he strives for excellence in everything he does. A man of great conviction, a fighter and a dreamer, his every-day life is full of significance because he knows he is working for future generations. Dynamic, energetic and a lover of the world of wine and viticulture. His life has been marked by social work, but above all by wine. From a very young age, he spent hours working in the fields around the world.

Pepe Raventós joined Raventós i Blanc in 2001. He has been part of the world of wine from an early age, spending his summers picking grapes in Sant Sadurní. Pepe also spent hours working on the vineyards in Saint Emilion, learning to make red wines. Trained as an oenologist at the Complutense University in Madrid, he gained experience in making terroir wines working alongside Didier Dagenau on Pouilly Fumé, Olivier Lamy at Saint Aubin, Harald Hexamer in the Nahe region and Phillippe Blanc in Alsace.

He is always eager to pursue excellence in every detail of his winery. Pepe has taken Raventos i Blanc to the next step, becoming a winegrowing international brand and a point of reference worldwide for its working methods; bringing back together animal, plant and man on a single agricultural unit.

In 2012 Pepe Raventós decides to leave the DO Cava to start a new path: CONCA DEL RIU ANOIA. “Conca del Riu Anoia, the name of a small georaphical area, to help us to better understand and convey our viticultural traditions, the strength of our land, our unique grape varieties and the characteristics of our soils: in short, the way we make sparkling wines”. Pepe Raventós believes that there is an opportunity for honest wines resulting from a single estate, a specific climate, native grape varieties and rigorous, well-defined and respectful form of viticulture.

After 5 years living in New York, in 2016 he returned to the family domaine to produce exceptional mineral sparkling wines and his goal remains the same, to pursue excellence in everything he does, but not through perfection but authenticity; take from each plot the best possible grape and the best possible wine. His passion is viticulture and the vineyard. The cellar is the accompaniment of work done on the vineyard “when you realize nature is the protagonist, you can make wines that are closer to art."

But those years aboard made a deeply touch on him: starting to taste natural wines, he became obsessed with the vision of a natural wine project in Penedès. Getting to know and become friend of the great master Pierre Overnay, from where his inspiration for the elaboration of natural wines arose; pure wines, without intervention, essentially wild. And this vision brought him to Can Sumoi, a land abandoned for many years with vineyards and 300 H of forest in the heart of Penedès (600m above sea level). And those vineyards were covered with natural compost and with expert and careful hands; those vines of local grapes were recovered elaborating high altitude natural wines with the minimal intervention; making as well forestry and fauna management within the farm to recover biodiversity and having a positive effect on the environmental and resources improvement: Can Sumoi wines were born in 2017.